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Ashleigh has been such a blessing to my dogs and me. Her patience and hard work with my German Shepherd, Gus, have truly made a difference in his behavior, and her help with my Daschund mix, Jack, have really helped as well. She has much more patience then I could ever have, which is exactly what I needed. She has been great with follow-ups and email/phone replies, and I can definitely tell that she cares about my dogs. She was very honest upfront with her training style and what my dog was going to be experiencing while being at her house. She also has a blog that she updates about her trainees, which is great for owners because they can check in on how their dogs are doing and see pictures and such. My dogs love seeing her, which is such a comfort to me knowing they are in good hands when they are with her. I highly recommend Ashleigh for anyone who loves their dogs and wants to have the best relationship with them that they possibly can. Her training has made all the difference in the world!

-- Abigail Wintemute