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Let me start out by saying that this was my first experience with a professional trainer. (Laila)My boxer is the first puppy that I ever owned. I told Ashleigh that I wanted a very well behaved dog due to the fact that I have had problems with other dogs that I have owned in the past. Ashleigh described her training options to me and I decided to go for the full training option which required that Ashleigh take Laila for three weeks to teach her all the basics and off leash commands. I can not say enough how impressed I am with Ashleigh's dedication to her craft. Ashleigh provides follow up visits with me if I feel Laila needs a refresher. Laila with Ashleigh's help has become the ultimate best friend in my opinion. I would recommend Ashleigh's services to anyone looking for the ultimate in obedience training.

-- John Pitera