Obedience Training


Distraction Proofing

Distraction proofing your dog from the every day things can be a chore. Many people would rather keep their dog at home to not have to deal with the stress of a nervous, crazy, over zealous, or even aggressive dog. Most dogs will respond to their commands while in the comfort, sterile environment of their home…… but will they respond to these same commands with complete attention with the hustle and bustle of people, other dogs, food, cats, squirrels or whatever life may throw at you?? Each dog trained at Georgia K9 Academy goes through the distraction proofing process. Each obedience package is designed to expose your dogs to the every day distractions. Your dog should & will be able to respond to all the necessary commands with distractions of life going on around them!

Example of distraction proofing – Advanced Obedience Package:

  • Other Dogs
  • Cats, Squirrels
  • Cars
  • Treat & toys
  • Kids
  • Bikes, skateboards
  • Being at the park & meeting new people

...just to name a few. Whatever your dog is most distracted by, we want to make sure you feel completely comfortable you have control of your dog under any circumstances!