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Ashleigh got her career with dogs started in November 1997 at a local very prominent pet resort as a playtime associate. She stayed with the company for almost 4 years climbing the company ladder to a management position. In the Summer of 2004 she attended National K9® in Columbus, OH and received her certification as a "Master Trainer". Her certification & studies include: Puppy Development, Breed Identification, Dog Behavior, Basic – Advanced Obedience, Retrieval Training, Utility Training, Tracking & Scent Discrimination, Personal Protection, Police K9’s, and Service Dog training. In March of 2005 Georgia K9 Academy was born. Ashleigh has continued her education through seminars as well as hands on work with fostering “troubled dogs” and placing them in new homes. She has trained dogs in 9 other states and hopes to continue growing & furthering her experience & education with dogs and owners. She owns 10 dogs of her own, 3 house cats & 5 barn cats, & 7 horses. When she’s not training dogs, she is enjoying being a wife, mother of a little girl and riding horses.