Puppy development


Puppy Preschool

Training your puppy begins the day you bring him or her home. This program teaches owners how to shape your puppies behavior and raise a well mannered dog. We teach owners how to establish proper behavior patterns and set limits at home to prevent behavior problems in the future. Puppy Preschool helps owners to utilize the best learning period in a dogs life (8-16 weeks of age). During the first 16 weeks of age your puppy is learning and responding to things that will shape and influence the personality of your dog. In our Puppy Preschool program we focus on a variety of topics including:

  • Setting Limits
  • Confidence Boosting Exercises
  • Handling Exercises
  • Play Biting Correction
  • Proper Toys
  • Proper Socialization
  • Object Socialization
  • And Much More!!

In Georgia alone, over 50,000 dogs are euthanized each year because people got off to a bad start with a new puppy. Our Puppy Preschool Program would like to assist you in helping to decrease this statistic by educating you and your new puppy and helping you and your dog to have the relationship you've always wanted.