Obedience Training


Working Dogs

Obedience sets the foundation for you and your dog’s relationship. Obedience is as important to your dog’s development as an education is to children. You are in fact teaching your dog to learn. As well as an education, obedience training gives you and your dog a clear line of communication enabling you to express to your dog what you are asking of him in a fair and effective way. Dogs thrive on structure, consistency, and leadership. By setting a solid foundation with your dog through obedience you are establishing trust and respect with your dog. Many behavioral problems owners experi

ence with their dogs are stemmed from poor communication and mixed signals given by the owner. Through comprehensive training and proper education for the owner we can enhance you and your dog’s relationship and eliminate these problems.

Each dog learns and responds differently. We will assess each dog’s needs as well as the owner’s needs and tailor our training techniques accordingly. Our obedience packages are designed to teach your dog proper manners, acceptable behaviors, and obedience commands which will be used in your everyday activity. As well as educating your dog, you will spend one on one time with a trainer that will teach you how to reinforce what your dog has been taught and teach you how to fairly and effectively communicate with your dog.